Daniel Ayres

Assistant Research Scientist
3242 Iribe Center
(301) 405-6890
Ph.D., UMD (Computational biology, bioinformatics and genomics)

Daniel Ayres is an assistant research scientist in the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (CBCB).

His research focus lies in molecular evolution and phylogenetic methods in particular, and involves the synthesis of advances in phylogenetic inference modeling to developments in parallel computing.

Ayres is a co-recipient of the 2017 NVIDIA Global Impact Award, along with CBCB Director Michael Cummings. They received the award for their project BEAGLE (Broad-platform Evolutionary Analysis General Likelihood Evaluator), a high-performance library that can perform the core calculations at the heart of most Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood phylogenetics packages. It can make use of highly-parallel processors such as those in graphics cards (GPUs) found in many PCs.

He received his doctorate in computational biology, bioinformatics and genomics from the University of Maryland in 2017.

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